Thursday, February 27, 2014


Time to put your typing skills to the test. 

Typing skills are essential these days for everything we do. Sure technology has allowed touch screens to give you a little wiggle room, but you will find yourself in front of a keyboard sometime. As funny as it sounds, you may still know someone who types with just their index fingers. You might be that person for all we know, but isn't it time to catch up with everyone else? 

Regardless of your typing skill level, there is always room for improvement. Typing test are boring, but there are some alternatives that can make it fun. Most typing games online can be pretty bad, but we managed to find some decent ones to pass on to you. 

Typing Chef is a fun game that gives you the option of staying at a beginner level or moving onto the next challenge. No need to worry about any difficulty spikes in this one. Type words to clean and cook while improving your typing speed. We really enjoyed this one and felt it was worthy to be mentioned. Typing Chef is built around being user-friendly and is fun for everyone of any skill level. 

A little more on the challenging side, Typing Karaoke is built for someone who can type fast. Type along the lyrics to some of your favorite songs as the music plays. This game was fun for us, but became a little too challenging. The lyrics move right with the songs and the system is not forgiving at all. If you miss a line of lyrics its on to the next line. Give this a try if you're up for the challenge. 

Ninja Cat and Zombie Dinosaurs is an action game that uses typing for it's battle system. Ninja Cat automatically walks so all you have to do is keep the Zombie Dinosaurs at bay by typing the words above them. Easy mode is just letters, medium is short words and hard is full words. The game was too simple for us, but it's a great place to start for beginners. If you're into ninja stars and zombies - check this one out!

Typing Monster is no joke. Not only do you have to type the entire paragraph just to hurt the monster, you also have to use the 10-key to stop his fireballs. This game is for the intermediate typist and can be challenging if you're not used to using the 10-key. Racing against time to squeeze your offense and defense might be too intense for some newbies. We would recommend beginners play something more forgiving. 

Moontype: Episode 2 has some pretty nice fluid animation implemented in it's typing fighter. You play as the moons defense system as you type your target words into your missile system. This game can be challenging but isn't too demanding for the beginner. Difficulty does increase but not like you would expect. We really had fun with this one. 


Ink Battle is one of the best typing games we found. If you've ever played a defending game, then you know how addicting they can be. Ink Battle allows you to summon creatures to fight for you just by spelling their names. To summon a creature you must have your meter filled to a certain point and that's where the typing comes into play. This game might be too difficult for a beginner but if you can type at a decent speed, try this one out. 

Last but certainly not least is Z-Type. When we first came across this shooter on StumbleUpon we just didn't know how we felt about it. Z-Type is very similar to Moontype but instead of side scrolling enemies they are floating down at you. It really just depends on what angle you like to play a typing shooting game.

BONUS: Do you like Street Fighter? How about Sesame Street? How about SESAME STREET FIGHTER? Yes it's a real game, and a TYPING GAME at that. This game was too hard for us and we really threw our hands up on this one. We found the idea interesting and entertaining but not something we could stick with for longer than 5 minutes. 

If you're interested, play it here

If you're not sure about your typing speed or if you're looking for more of a challenge TypeRacer is the site you're looking for. There are no typing games but there is a typing competition where you can race against other people and post your score. There is also a typing speed tester so knock yourself out.