Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Oh that's fair. 
We've been MIA for almost a week because we're putting together a full review for Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. If you haven't played the game yet, hopefully our review will help you decide.

In the meantime here's some interest to chew on - 

Netflix teased House of Cards fans with the season 2 release as many fans were left under the impression it was to be released Friday after midnight. Turns out it was scheduled to be released at different times for different time zones. 

With Miley Cyrus pretty much giving it a bad name, some people have decided to redeem twerking in other ways. Do you like to twerk? Do you think people need to lighten up with their hate for it? Grab a snazzy tee off of Fancy! Show all your friends you're super mature. 

Maybe you want to be cool in other ways. Maybe you want to have a backpack that nobody else has. How about one of Fancy? There's handmade backpacks like this one going for over $1,600 if you have the extra dough to spend. Who could ever put a price on cool though?

Who doesn't love donuts? Especially early in the morning on the go. There's nothing like some sweet cake to get your day started. Check out this donut maker on Fancy. It looks like a George Foreman grill. With this on your kitchen counter, how could you go wrong?

Speaking of donuts, have you heard the huge news about the Simpsons / Lego collaboration? Yes! Fans have demanded it and supported the idea for years and now it's finally come true. 

Don't hate, you know you want them. Get them here!

Do you have a fish tank in your house? Okay, have you EVER had a fish tank in your house? Then you know how relaxing it is to watch them swim around. How about feeding fish while at work? 

Digital fish are available for you to completely interact with online at Aquard.IO. It's seriously fun and if you're bored or stressed, then give it a go.  

Is Obamacare really that hard to sign up for? People still seem to be having a hard time navigating through the government healthcare website and Jimmy Kimmel is talking about it!

Did you know there's exercises for your face? Seriously! It's a real
thing that people swear by. It can tighten up your jawline noticeably in a few weeks. The problem is, do you have the time and energy to build a regimen up? If so, visit to get started.