Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Is February 14th the worst holiday ever?

Possibly the biggest scam in American history continues as a tradition today with no one to blame but ourselves. 

No longer can you blame the candy companies for jacking the prices up a week before just to end up in a dollar bin the next day. 

You can't point the finger at the restaurants who are turning the people away without a reservation and overcharging the people who do with mandatory champagne service. 

Yes the problem is not with the services and companies that thrive on that day, but the suckers who buy into it.

Valentine's day is a day to show your love and affection for someone you care about, but shouldn't that be everyday? 

Do people really need greeting cards to remind them that they should appreciate the people they love? 

More importantly, do women need to have a date for Valentine's day or is it just a pathetic reach for validation? 

Do men need a reason to buy flowers? Why not on a random day? How about just being original? 

Can going along with V-day too much make you look like a sucker to someone who isn't ignorant to the marketing aspect of the holiday? It sure can. 

What a disaster. This movie brings up a good point, what about the day after? If all these great things are only happening one day out of the year, what makes you think this person is going to stay with you for the other 364?

Romance can't be forced, that's what makes it so special. You can't make someone feel butterflies for you, but you can definitely creep them out.

Simply leaving a note on someones desk or in their lunch is enough to leave them thinking about you in a special way. Why buy a card that has something someone else wrote in it? 

If things weren't lame enough, people also use Valentine's day to propose. 

So what do you think? Is Valentine's day a scam? Are you one of the people who avoids it? 

Or do you think it's good thing? Do you think people are just hating on the idea of expressing love because they have nobody to love? 

Maybe you're a woman who thinks it's a nice idea, but can clearly see the scam element in the holiday? Speak your mind.

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