Monday, February 10, 2014


Say it, don't spray it!

So many things going on this week in the technology space, it's hard to keep up!

 Facebook and Twitter seem to be facing off in the discussion of "Television". Apparently, Facebook gets very jealous if you do anything else "Social" with anyone else but Facebook. I guess going through all the contacts on our phones, asking what we've been up to every minute, and tracking our every move isn't good enough. 

Sound familiar?

The creator of "Flappy Bird" has removed his game from the market because he "cannot take this anymore". 

Bwahahahahaha! No really. 

Some iPhones with "Flappy Bird" installed on them are going for close to $100,000! Don't tell us about tough economic times! Sounds like people have money just laying around to play a smartphone game. Unbelievable. Wait, can we play?

Lighting Returns finally comes out tomorrow for the PS3 and XBox360. Some people are overly-excited, while others are still complaining about a game they've never played. 

One thing is for sure though, the costumes look pretty cool! Square Enix teased us last week with the Laura Croft outfit from Tomb Raider. 

If you haven't heard of MomentCam, don't worry you're not the only one. The popular Chinese app lets you take pictures of faces and create caricatures from them. 

 Seriously guys, this might be the best app to hit smartphones.

This next video doesn't require an app to twist your face up. 

Don't even try to act like you didn't know squirrels love to hide nuts in dog fur. Just be glad he's not hiding them in your girlfriends hair at night or she'd have some "Splaining" to do. 

Do you love to keep secrets? Do you like to anonymously share secrets? Then you'll love Secret. It's an app for your iPhone that allows you to anonymously share secrets with others. The app also allows you to browse, view and comment on other secrets as well. 

Oh yeah! If you love the Walking Dead, and were excited about last nights return, then you'll love this -  

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