Tuesday, February 18, 2014


What's your favorite garb? 

With last weeks release of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII in North America we thought it would be fun to ask people what their favorite garbs were. With so many to choose from, we were curious which ones would rise to the top of the list. What's the best Lightning Returns garb? Hard to say, but "What's the top 15 Lightning Returns Garbs?" we could do.

 We asked people at 7 local Gamestop and created a poll online to source our answers. Most of these we haven't seen for ourselves mainly because we're still busy wrapping up our review. If you haven't played the game or you're not done, this may contain spoilers. 

15. Crimson Bloom

14. Divergence

13. Dark Knight

12. Purple Lightning

11. Tomb Raider

10. Black Mage

09. Ultimatus

08. Quiet Guardian

07. Guardian Corps

06. L'automne

05. Dragon's Blood

04. Blue Mage

03. Soldier 1st Class

02. Knight of Etro

01. Cosmocrator

We don't agree on most of these. We've listed our favorites below. As we said we're still in our review of the game and are clueless on how to get some of these. If you see us in outerworld services drop us a clue. 

Images: Lighting Returns Wikia, glitterthieves