Tuesday, March 25, 2014


The most epic responses to YouTube's copyright id system.

One of the most widely debated topics across the world wide web is copyright. With so many interpretations of "Fair use", the internet has been crammed with illegally monetized content over the years. Bloggers have been using photos protected under copyright, YouTube users have been uploading video protected under copyright and some music sites are hosting and selling music protected under copyright. Sharing content under copyright isn't so much the issue as monetizing it is. 

YouTube's "Content ID System" automatically detects content protected under copyright. The problem? YouTube will automatically file a claim against you on behalf of a copyright holder causing your video to lose it's monetization until the issue is resolved. The revenue also may be awarded to the third party the entire time the dispute is taking place. Some companies have publicly spoke out saying they were not responsible for the copyright claims YouTube was slapping users with, leading everyone to believe the system was "flawed" and "unfair". 

With so many full albums, movies and shows available on YouTube, can you really blame them? Surely YouTube has the system in place to protect them from what the users on their site are uploading. After all, it wouldn't be fair to hold them responsible for what the world is sharing, right? Well, YouTube just settled a billion dollar lawsuit with Viacom this past week. How's that for not being held responsible? 

With so many content creators on YouTube directly impacted by the new system, the frustrated spilled over into videos. We found 11 epic responses to the entire situation and felt we needed to share them with you. We found a healthy balance of positive and negative responses from both sides along with some that are very educational and resourceful. Some of the videos may contain profanity and may not be suitable for work. Don't say we didn't warn you first!

11. Proof of a MAJOR flaw

10. Leo takes a look

09. Irrate content creators

08. Content id's get on your knees

07. How to avoid content id claims

06. Content Id Apocalypse

05. YouTubers vs Corporations

04. Guide to surviving the content id system

03. YouTube copyright disaster

02. F*** content id 

01. What you need to know

So what do you guys think? Is the new system too extreme? Is it a "blanket" system? Is it fair to block videos of people reviewing products and movies? Or is it free promotion for the companies? Should these gamers be allowed to monetize their videos of them playing games? Are you someone who's felt the sting of the new system? Are you for it or against it? Leave your opinion below.