Monday, March 17, 2014


Something smells fishy around here...

With us being in the range of Pisces birthdays, we decided to take a closer look at this water sign. Without a doubt the Pisces is unique in every way to the other water signs and at times can wear the hat of a fire sign. So is everything they say about Pisces true? Are they "messed up"? Are they weird? Odd? Is the Pisces a backstabber? 

Well first, let's be fair here. Like all of our other zodiac articles we'd like to point out these traits are common but not guaranteed to be predominate in a Pisces personality.  In fact, some don't show them at all either because they've developed other traits that are 
much bolder or they've swept them under the rug long ago.  

The Cancer is a bumpy but calm stream, Scorpio has it's steady waves, but Pisces is a constant storm. It would seem this makes Pisces the most unstable of the water signs, but that really depends. Pisces do enjoy the crash and love stirring the waters into a frenzy, but when it comes down to confrontation, the fish will slip out of your hands like a bar of soap soaked in baby oil.

This fish does not want to fry and can't take the heat, but they sure will make it seem that way. Sometimes the Pisces can be the most gossipy sign of the entire Zodiac, throwing close friends, family and lovers under the bus quickly. This behavior often brings them trouble, but like most trouble brought their way it's often self-inflicted.

 Most people see Pisces as disturbed or tortured individuals. Take Rihanna for example, although she comes across a strong woman, her videos reflect some of the most disturbing emotional states she wears so well. Shedding tears is almost a ritual for the Pisces, leaving questionable room for it's authenticity at times. Playing the victim is something they do very well. Selfish at times, the Pisces can also be one of the most generous, but never a good balance of the two.

Like Scorpio, the Pisces can be very sensitive. However, a Pisces emotional sensitivity fluctuates daily. This can mean a comment about them might not bother them one minute, but later on that same comment comes back to knock on their head and boil their blood. Pisces can also be unusually cruel with words at times, but it's generally to get a reaction out of you.  

When it comes to love Pisces are known to be a bit of a tease. Playing head games can get them into some trouble, but splashing a little emotions from the good side makes things all better. Much like bait to a fish, they can have you chasing forever until you either give up or you're finally hooked.  

Like the Leo, Pisces tend to mix pride with emotion, love to be the center of attention and carry the gold-digger title all too often. Using emotions to get their way is a predictability of this water sign, but does that make them evil? The labels of Heartless, Moody, Rude and Selfish flood the web searches. 

The biggest thing Pisces do feel more than anyone else is regret and that may be why they are moody. Things tend to weigh on them a little longer and scars run much deeper. They lash out and say things they don't truly mean, or make decisions they don't always feel comfortable with. In the end it may be the Pisces has a need to feel special. They choose gloom instead of boom and that's just them. 

So what do you think? Are Pisces evil because they don't sugar coat things? Are they wicked for not being able to hold their tongue when you turn your back? Are they too rough with words? Or is it their low self esteem and weak-willed nature that's to blame for their poor choices? Do you know a Pisces? Are you a Pisces? Are you dating a Pisces? Share your experiences with us.