Friday, March 7, 2014


They went from kissing to hissing...

Miley Cyrus hits below the belt this week with shots thrown at Twitter Queen Katy Perry. Not too long ago they shared one of the most controversial kisses of all time, now they're sharing insults and the instigating media. Katy Perry was interviewed shortly after, where she apparently took a shot at Miley saying that Miley tried to slip her some tongue. "God knows where that tongue has been." said Perry. 

Now it's not clear if Katy Perry was trying to be funny or she was really jabbing at Miley, but she took it as an insult. Miley quickly hit Twitter with some choice words for her former lip lock. 


Now if you're wondering who she's talking about when she says EX BOO, its John Mayer. Katy just had a recently split up with the womanizing folk crooner. Speaking of the breakup, does it have anything to do with the kiss they shared? Did he see the picture and plan to hit the road? We can only speculate. 

So what do you think? Did Miley hit below the belt? Is it too soon for breakup jokes considering they JUST BROKE UP! Leave a comment below and lets here it. 

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