Friday, April 18, 2014


Is your relationship considered "Puppy Love"?

The term Puppy Love doesn't necessarily mean it's a young, inexperienced, and wreckless one as much as it can mean just keeping the relationship playful. Some things in a relationship need to grow full circle, but things like having fun need to stay young forever. 

We found 11 signs to help you identify with the term people use so loosely around preteens. Hopefully this will clear some things up for you and really let you know just how exciting your relationship is now. So is your romance Puppy Love? Or has it been locked away in a kennel desperately searching for a key? 

11. You don't fight, you play fight.

10. The sound of their name excites you.

09. You think about them more than anything.

08. You want the world to know they're taken.

07. And you want to share the world with them.

06. One kiss, is never enough.

05. Your weight goes up and down.

04. You mess with them when they sleep.

03. You make each other laugh.

02. You get along with the people they love.

01. Doing "nothing" together is the best.