Wednesday, April 2, 2014


No frills.

Facebook has been up and down as far as popularity goes. It seems people are constantly looking for an alternative. Tumblr seems to be stealing Facebook users daily but it's still too early to ask "what's better?". Facebook has been under fire in the past for privacy issues among other thing, but they quickly addressed them. 

Still many people refuse to fall into the social network, and some have good reason not to. Regardless of the reasons not to climb into the web of connections Facebook offers, there are still some good points why you should. Of course we're being honest here, and sometimes being honest isn't always very helpful. Here are 15 honest ways we found to describe the social network to outsiders.

15. It's a place to share what you find.

14. You learn more about your friends.

13. Everything you do makes headlines.

12. A place where jealousy runs wild.

11. A place where nosey people can find peace.

10. A place where your real name is required.

09. A place your location is shared by default.

08. A place for self-importance.

07. A place to find old enemies.

06. As well as make some new ones.

05. You can watch relationships fall apart.

04. What you say will be used against you.

03. A place you can hide how you really feel.

02. A place for comparing financial status.

01. A place where "conceited" is a bad word.