Friday, April 25, 2014


Compare your life to a celebrity one.

Nicki Minaj is known for her wild outfits, makeup and faces, but how does she act in real life? Off camera and out of the studio, is Nicki Minaj the same? Most people believe Nicki Minaj is a character and shes just putting on a show, but others have testified that she's like that 24 hours a day. 

Her reactions are priceless and constantly talked about all over the web. So we did our research and thought it would be fun to display just how Nicki Minaj would react to everyday situations we all face. 

25. Ordering her food.

24. Getting her food.

23. When someone's sarcastic with her.

22. When someone's nice to her.

21. When someone thinks they're cute.

20. When someone is cute.

19. Hearing "Lil Wayne is the greatest".

18. Hearing she is the greatest.

17. Seeing you at a red light.

16. Watching you get pulled over.

15. Getting hit on at the club.

14. Seeing someone cute at the club.

13. Riding a rollercoaster.

12. Paying for pizza delivery

11. When someone thinks they know it all.

10. After having a few too many drinks.

09. Introducing her friends to yours.

08. Waiting in line for the restroom.

07. Having the hiccups.

06. Starting her period.

05. Ending her period.

04. Watching Game of Thrones.

03. Getting out of the shower.

02. Seeing a weight loss commercial
while eating.

01. Meeting new people.