Monday, April 14, 2014


Don't be a grump! There's plenty of reasons to be excited at work!

Sometimes it's not the job that makes things fun, it's the people you work with. Negativity in the workplace can spread like wildfire if not contained. It's up to you to put that fire out and not pass it on. Making the workplace fun for your co-workers is part of your job believe it or not. The more fun you create for others, the more fun they're going to want to create for you. 

Most jobs have "Teams" and"Captains", it's almost like sports in a way. You even have goals you have to reach and "Team Spirit" is something that is often mentioned. We put together 7 good reasons to really be excited at the workplace. We decided to describe these reasons in the most appropriate way - with sports fans. 

12. You're going home early.

11. Hearing the word "Potluck".

10. Your boss' office is being moved.

9. The "Systems" are down.

8. Your boss called out.

7. You finally gave your two week.

6. You reached your sales goal.

5. Someone cute got hired.

4. There's donuts in the break-room

3. It's lunch time

2. Someone you didn't like - got fired.

1. It's almost time to go home.