Saturday, April 5, 2014


What is better? Does it matter? Well yes it does. 

DJ style headphones and earbuds seem to be the trend going on right now, but what is better? Is there a better? How do you measure that? Sure both have their pros and cons but it really depends on the individual. Obviously DJ's wont be wearing earbuds during a performance and you won't see someone driving wearin their Dre Beats on going through an intersection. 

There's no doubt that DJ headphones last longer, right? Wrong. Here at JiPoshy we've had a horrible experience with one brand in particular - SkullCandy. Pulling off your headphones and having the entire base snap in two is not acceptable. Here's a tip when buying DJ style headphones - make sure the base is anything but plastic. It doesn't matter how tough the plastic seems, it is likely to crack in half. Even the Monster headphones have been publicly documented for snapping on people. 

If you want to know if anything has issues before you buy it, just google "how to fix (insert product name here)".  Depending on the number of results you get, you should have your answer. What makes things worse is the amount of money you spent on them. If they were cheap, more than likely you'll accept your defeat and move on. However if the money you spent on headphones was close to a full paycheck, writing a scathing review and vowing to never buy their products again just isn't enough to subdue the rage burning within. 

Uh what about earbuds? What about em? Their convenient, compact and less likely to break, right? Wrong. We've had a horrible with these too. How many times have you had these things catch on a bottom drawer, car door or your own butt only to snap like a rubber band? Yeah we've all been there. How about having the bud fall apart exposing some cheap glue that was holding it together the entire time? 

flickr / Joe Bez

 (Tears and sniffles) Yeah, we know that feel bro.

Seriously, what is it going to take for someone to make an affordable pair of headphones that won't fall apart? There are way too many disappointments waiting to happen in this market space. That's technology though, right? Smartphones seem to be the same way. Product reviews online often conflict with user reviews and the mix is more like a chameleon than a cow. 

So in retrospect maybe it would've been better to stay in a heavy rotation of buying the cheap stuff, instead of pumping the money out for something that is waterproof, unblowable, gold plated, celebrity endorsed, and as durable as an eggshell.

So the next time you see something like this - 


for $999!

Slap yourself. Seriously, just do it. Unless you have the money to throw away, and you've already donated something to a children's hospital, then go for it dude. 

Headphones have become more of an fashion accessory than for the use they were intended. More and more people are using headphones as a necklace, just look at most of the selfies floating around. It's true. 

So what would make the perfect headphones? What do you think? Should the priority be taken off the sound and more on the actual product? Or should they continue to make great sounds with cheap material? What do you guys think? Leave a comment and let us know your point of view.