Monday, April 21, 2014


Sweet or healthy? Get your bowls out and represent!

Saturday mornings have been long associated with cereal, but it's so much more than that now. You can't put a specific day on eating a certain kind of food, it's just not fair. So, is cereal a comfort food? It could be. Some people eat cereal they grew up with because it carries a bit of nostalgia with it. Other people have grown out of their sugary taste and developed a more mature approach to breakfast. 

So when it comes to the question "What's the best cereal of all time?", is that something you could answer? Is cereal meant to be sweet or should we leave that for the kids? Are the sugar-free plain cereals made for older people? Have you ever noticed children's pictures on sugary cereals? How about the old people on bran cereals? Conspiracy? Absolutely! We asked random people on the streets of Los Angeles "What's your favorite cereal?" -

10. Apple Jacks

09. Fruity Pebbles

08. Golden Crisp

07. Frosted Mini Wheats

06. Captain Crunch

05. Cinnamon Toast Crunch

04. Lucky Charms

03. Rice Krispies

02. Raisin Bran

01. Honey Nut Cheerios

So what's your favorite cereal? Did it make the list? Do you share these favorites with the people we surveyed? Or do you have a favorite that isn't featured in this article? Leave a comment and let us know what your favorite is and why.