Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Can Aries regain focus and tie up the loose ends?

Since we are still in the time of the Aries, it's only right we continue our topic of the hot headed ram. Most Aries can be very creative when involved in their work. The passion they possess is enough to fuel their imagination and it really shows in their work. The problem however, is actually getting the job done. 

As we mentioned in our previous article, What Aries Doesn't Want You To Know, we uncovered one of the biggest problems for an Aries. The problem is the attention span the Aries can carry. Most but not all Aries will leave many task unfinished simply due to the fact they've lost interest. 

Does this mean Aries like Mariah Carey have a short attention span?

Another Aries trait that really damages their chance to regain focus and finish a project is their arrogance. Aries tend to be insensitive to what others are feeling or the advice one can give to the Aries leading them to believe they are always right. Furthermore, Aries can be stubborn to deal with making them nearly impossible to work with. 

So what can the Aries due to change this negative trait they're known for? Well, first another negative trait needs to be conquered - lack of discipline. Aries are impulsive people and hate holding any kind of responsibility. They tend to look at everything as a chain holding them back and only want their freedom. It's understandable they feel this way as they want to live life to the fullest without consequence. 

Pharrell seems to have conquered his struggles as an Aries, why can't you?

Just because you are an Aries, doesn't mean you have to give up on changing the negative traits your sign is associated with. You are fully capable of self-discipline and making that first step towards grabbing your stubborn self by the horns. It might not be easy, but it'll be worth it. 

Are you an Aries? Do you feel the typical traits fit you perfectly? Or are you an Aries who feels they couldn't be further from them? Do you know an Aries? Are you dating or married to one? Share your thoughts on the sign that's currently in the Zodiac spotlight.