Monday, May 5, 2014


The definition of bravery.

For most people there will never be another Steve Irwin, let alone another passion in existence that can measure his for nature. We've seen many people who tried to fill those shoes since his untimely passing and many have simply fell short of reaching his worldwide status. Andrew Ucles is no crocodile hunter, he is an adventurer. His videos on YouTube are some of the most intense, spontaneous, and educational films of wildlife in the outback. 

At 25 years old, the Australian native has been catching wildlife bare-handed since he was 7 years old. Venomous snakes, foxes, wild dogs, kangaroos, porcupines are just some of the animals he's had an encounter with on his channel. His snake videos turn up the intensity as you can't help but squirm watching Andrew dodge bites to the face, hands and legs. 

Andrew's confidently wrote - "If you name it...I can catch it." on his website. In between making his videos Andrew is a student, having a degree in environmental science and currently studying Wildlife Management.

Andrew addressed many questions on his site, including one of the biggest questions - WHY? 

"I have always wanted to become wild and could never understand till today why we live in a society where everything around us has become provided through materialism. I have taken this life as an individual quest; I was not born attached to a set guideline on how to live or how to think. I believe our instincts are a series of evolutionary embedded codes which we all have; my personal mission is to unlock these codes and show an audience what it takes to reveal them."

If anyone deserves their own television show, it's Andrew. So let's help spread the word about his amazing adventures! Go to his YouTube channel and hit that subscribe button because believe us his videos are worth watching over and over again.