Thursday, May 29, 2014


Now it's our turn! :)

A long while back, we asked "whats your favorite PS3 game of all time?" and compiled a list of answers. This time, we decided to give you our own personal list. You'll notice with our list we also separate titles that are related in series. The PS3 is still pumping out great games even with the PS4 bragging about all it's new features. 

The interesting thing is, we're still within that time frame where more people still have the older system. Maybe when the PS4 starts to beef up it's inventory a little more things will change. Even though the HD remakes and ports of the PS2 games could be considered PS3 games, we did not include them in our list. :P

10. Final Fantasy XIII

Does this one need to be explained? You either hate it or you love it. We love it because it's gave a fresh new experience. Being linear for the first fourth of the game then becoming a massive open world really blew our minds. 
09. Dead Space
Horrifying to say the least. Dead Space gave us nightmares and made us feel pretty depressed. A game that puts that much thought about your own life and mortality into your head must be good. If you haven't played this, you need to seriously consider it. 

08. God of War 3

What hasn't been said about the God of War series? The third installment had you literally fighting with gods. The intensity overshadowed the previous two and the ending left everyone's mouth open.

07. Soul Calibur 5

While Soul Calibur V was missing a lot of story content and single player modes, it still stood out for it's character creation. With tons of DLC content for it's create a soul mode, the customization for your own character can seem endless.  

06. Dead Space 2

The second chapter was even better than the first, leaving us with the feeling we were trapped in the movie 1408. The monsters were much scarier and the predicaments much more hopeless this time around.  

05. Nier

Think God of War's button mashing battles with an open world as wide as The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This title had mixed reviews but to us this game is unforgettable. Watching the game's battle system change at the halfway mark kept things exciting in this bloody RPG. With the recent Drakengard 3 release, we're sure fans will appreciate this title much more. 

04. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

An open world with tons of weapons, costumes, abilities and optional bosses to take on - how could you not like this game? If you like games that keep you busy with tons of side-quest, allow you to explore the entire map in no particular order, have the choice of fighting or fleeing all while leveling up your stats, abilities and weapons, then you have to check out this game.

03. Dark Souls II

Who doesn't like a challenge? There are two types of players when it comes to difficulty - Dying makes you so frustrated you either quit and find a way to cheat, or dying only makes you more determined to figure it out on your own. Dark Souls II will test you and allow you to find out just how strong you really are. 

02. Final Fantasy XIII-2

We know, we know, you hate Final Fantasy XIII - but we love it. The reason why 2 was so much better than the first or last chapter is the coliseum. We enjoy optional bosses in games and to be able to download a bunch of extras that weren't already in the game, was a real treat for us.  

01. The Last of Us

Seriously guys you had to have seen this one coming. The Last of Us is one of the most intense and overall fun games we've ever played - EVER! This game seriously had us standing up at certain points. The intensity of this survival game felt more genuine than any other PS3 title we played. 

So there you have it guys, we ended up agreeing with you when it came down to the number 1 spot. So what's your favorite PS3 game? Do you feel we missed something? Voice yourself in the comments below.