Monday, May 19, 2014


We asked and the people have spoken.

If you don't know by now the LA Beast is a competitive eater best known for his videos on YouTube. What separates him from other YouTubers in the same space is his entertainment value. He's not afraid to honestly say if a challenge is too much and his videos stay raw and uncut. He's eaten everything from cactus, toothpaste, jars of mayonnaise, dog food, raw eggs and every burger on the Burger King menu just to name a few.

Most of his comments have request for his next challenge so we thought it would be fun to poll some LA Beast fans. We asked "what challenge should the LA Beast do next?" to a little under 100 people on YouTube and the results were pretty creative. Check out the 10 answers we heard most below. 

10. Ice Cream

For some reason Ice Cream came up quite often. In this video Matt Stonie aka MegaToad takes down 20 scoops of ice cream. Apparently it's not so easy to take down ice cream in mountains. The LA Beast has yet to show us his ice cold skills. With Summer right around the corner, hopefully he will consider it in some form or another.

09. Hot Wings

He's had hot sauce out of the bottle but what about hot wings? Watch Timothy Le Ghetto take down Atomic Hot Wings in this video. Something like this should be nothing for the LA Beast, right?

08. Donuts

This one didn't seem so bad, but maybe it's not all that easy. Furious Pete, someone who the LA Beast respects, mentions and has appeared in a couple videos with, destroys a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts in 45 seconds. Can the LA Beast follow up and crush Furious Pete's record? Maybe a dozen of another kind? Apple fritters? Cinnamon buns?

07. Chips

We're guessing what people meant with this one is quantity since the LA Beast has already tackled hot chips before. Watch this video of Wreckless Eating attempt to eat 6lbs of Mexican Cheetos. (Warning: Vomit Alert)

06. Fish

The LA Beast has already tackled the nasty Surstromming (rotting fish in a can) challenge before and the reverse sushi challenge, so why fish? Maybe we will see a rematch video? Maybe he can finish the second can of Surstromming now? 

05. Cottage Cheese

When we seen this coming in at number 5, we didn't really get it. We still don't really get it, but after a quick YouTube search we found out why. This woman is a beast! Both Furious Pete and MegaToad couldn't reach the 9lbs mark in their cottage cheese challenges. Maybe the LA Beast can outdo her? People want to see it. 

04. Bull Testicles

We've all seen Rocky Mountain Oysters on Fear Factor, but we're now serving them in ball parks? No pun intended. Apparently Fear Factor burned the image into our heads and now when we think of food challenges, it comes in pretty high. Does the LA Beast have the oysters to attempt this challenge? We think so.

03. Bugs

The LA Beast is no stranger to bugs as he's chomped down some hissing cockroaches before, but what about some everyday bugs? Things like scorpions, earthworms, meal worms and potato bugs to name a few.  His video with Wreckless Eating had some everday bugs, but the LA Beast showed it was really a weakness of his. Watch Good Mythical Morning take down some pretty nasty creatures for a good challenge. 

02. Chocolate

Seriously guys? Chocolate? Okay well we can see why. To be fair he has done a Reeses challenge. Maybe a 1lb Snickers challenge is in order? Are we talking an entire chocolate cake? Fudge?  

01. Pancakes

Pancakes seem easy right? Wrong. Pancakes expand in your stomach and that's usually why the average person can't get past 2 or 3 on average. We've seen LA Beast do a reverse pancake challenge, but that was nothing compared to those who eat them in quantity. Just check out this video of FroHungry eating 30 pancakes in one sitting at IHOP. 

Other suggestions that didn't make the list were Oatmeal, Wax fruit, Cake icing, and a couple suggestions for Lutefisk. What do you think he should attempt next? Do you have a really good idea? Leave a comment below.