Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Is your love among the signs branded as the cheaters of the Zodiac?

It's just not fair to label a large percentage of the population "cheaters" based on the range of days their birthday falls into, right? As with all of our articles on personality traits, we'd like to once again point out that there are exceptions to every rule. It's very possible that someone has grown into another direction away from the roots of their Sun sign or simply have stronger influences. 

However, some of us have personal experiences that we just cannot shake. The events seem all to common to be bunched into coincidence as we remain cautious with ourselves and those who we love.

We did an article a while back on Taurus and are they the cheaters everyone makes them out to be. Taurus would definitely be on the top of the cheaters list, but following not too far behind would be Aries and Gemini.

But maybe the blame is misplaced? What about all the other signs? Do they ever cheat? If they do, when they do, what is the reason?We did our homework on ALL of the Zodiac children and found there are specific reasons why cheating would be necessary in a relationship.


Why would a Capricorn cheat? - A Capricorn would only cheat on you if they felt you were cheating on them. Capricorns can be very negative by nature, but it's a defense. Capricorns are extremely loyal people, but their negative thoughts can sometimes get the best of them. Cheating on you is the last thing on their minds, but you cheating on them may be the first. 

Even if they're wrong, they still might make the mistake of trusting their gut and breaking the bond you have together. 

Signs a Capricorn is cheating on you - A Capricorn will accuse you of cheating, do things alone more than usual, stay at work longer than usual.


Why would an Aquarius cheat? - An Aquarius would only cheat on you if they were really bored with the relationship. Like Gemini, this air sign likes to come and go as they please. They do it for the thrill of getting caught, not for the act itself. All they need is your emotional authority to grip them just a little too tightly and they will pull the final disappearing act.

Signs an Aquarius is cheating on you - It is extremely difficult to tell if an air sign is cheating on you due to the fact their normal behavior mimics a cheaters. They are very difficult to read so be cautious of jumping to conclusions unless you have real reason to suspect it. 


Why would a Pisces cheat? - A Pisces would only cheat on you if someone convinced them to. Pisces are extremely weak-willed and widely considered gold diggers. Pisces can also be very lazy, so it would take a great deal of effort on their part to make that move. However, an outside influence strong enough could pull your lover right out of your life in a flash.

Signs a Pisces is cheating on you - Pisces are not shy when it comes to sharing their feelings, and will let you know what they're not happy with. Comparing you to someone else who does something better is a clear sign the Pisces is looking elsewhere.


Why would an Aries cheat? - An Aries would only cheat on you if your relationship wasn't exciting anymore. Aries is a fire sign with a lust for life and experience. They need to have a strong flame of passion going at all times. There's a need to feel and see everything that life has to offer, even the danger of it all. 

Signs an Aries is cheating on you - Cheating is easy to spot with an Aries as changes are clearly visible. Removing their attention from you and feelings of them leaving you behind are the main signs. If your gut tells you they're cheating, chances are you're right. Be careful not to confuse their moodiness with their lack of interest. 


Why would a Taurus cheat? - A Taurus would only cheat on you if the time was right. Meeting someone else who is interested in them is enough to make them seriously consider it. Typically when they're partner is not expecting it and the relationship has aged into a real commitment. When an air sign cheats, they do it for the thrill and excitement of getting caught. When the earth sign Taurus cheats, it's they're either 100% with it or not cheating at all. There is no in between. 

Signs a Taurus is cheating on you - If you feel they are hiding something from you or you suspect something, they're probably cheating on you. 


Why would a Gemini cheat? - A Gemini would cheat for the excitement and the thrill of it all. Understand that when a Gemini cheats, they really don't want to go through with it. They're in for the side dishes not the main course. Typically the person they're cheating with is left for the person they cheated on in the first place. 

Signs a Gemini is cheating on you - The way a Gemini can disappear on you at any given moment and then, show up like everything is fine, makes this sign very difficult to read. You would need some series inside information from friends or family to get a whiff of something fishy. Either that or hope the other person finds out about you and reaches out to you. 


 Why would a Cancer cheat? - A Cancer would most likely cheat for revenge. It's almost safe to say that Cancer is the most cheated ON sign rather than the one actually cheating. Being an emotionally driven water sign, it's likely cheating would be used as a weapon to inflict pain rather than joy and excitement. 

Signs a Cancer is cheating on you - When a Cancer meets someone of interest, they let down their hard shell and expose their soft inner core. The main sign of cheating would be this act in reverse - the Cancer has closed up it's soft inside and shut you out with it's hard shell indefinitely. 


Why would a Leo cheat? - A Leo would cheat only if their partner wasn't paying them enough attention. Leo's want to feel exclusive and extremely special. Paying a family member, friend or even an ex lover a little too much attention is enough to get this lion fired up. Extremely jealous by nature, they tend to take things to the extreme and are argumentative. They are also, along with Pisces, labeled as gold diggers, so it's also possible the decision might be a financial one. 

Signs a Leo is cheating on you - Leo's are great liars, but are extremely loyal. Conflict will be very visible in their actions as they will struggle with themselves over the entire situation until it comes to an end. Guilt is a Leo's worst enemy. 


Why would a Virgo cheat? - A Virgo would cheat for 
personality. Sounds strange right? A Virgo who longs for perfection preferring personality over beauty? Not when you consider personality has more value. Virgos want perfection, and unfortunately it's something they demand in their lovers as well. Sure a Virgo will accept your flaws, but in the long run it will eat at them. Eventually, they will start to compare you to others around them more and more. Your imperfections will slowly begin to chip away at that acceptable image they first had of you. If their thoughts of you take a turn for the worse, the Virgo will look elsewhere for someone with much more than looks. 

Signs a Virgo is cheating on you - Virgo's can be as hard to read as an air sign but not for the same reasons. Virgo's are the perfect criminal's, cleaning up the mess they leave behind them like you wouldn't believe. Catching a Virgo cheating would take some serious detective work. This sign looks both ways before putting their hand in the cookie jar.


Why would a Libra cheat? - A Libra would cheat to fill their own selfish needs. Being a self-indulgent and indecisive sign, they tend to be easily influenced. Under the guidance of a potential new fling, a Libra can be easily persuaded out of their current relationship. Is the grass greener on the other side? The Libra won't take your word for it. 

Signs a Libra is cheating on you -  Libra almost want's to get caught, just to see what will happen. Signs would be obvious, but if married, things may be a little more discrete. Even if you found them cheating, a Libra would still deny it. Libra's are very convincing, especially when talking their way out of trouble.


Why would a Scorpio cheat? - A Scorpio would only cheat if the relationship was lacking a strong sexual appetite. Scorpio's are very sexual, at times dominating their partners in the bedroom. If life at home wasn't exciting intimately, the Scorpio may look elsewhere. 

Signs a Scorpio is cheating - A Scorpio would most likely stop the frequency of lovemaking. Emotional in nature, they would more than likely stay in the relationship while having their fun on the side. 


Why would a Sagittarius cheat? - A Sagittarius will only stray if they're disrespected. Being cut off somehow in the relationship angers the Sagittarius and thus creates a path for infidelity. Typically very loyal, this fire sign often falls victim to a cheater rather than being the one to break the bond. Leaving the relationship is always the first choice of the Sagittarius before any cheating is even considered. A conflict of staying and leaving must be present along with all the right elements. 

Signs of Sagittarius cheating - A Sagittarius may have a sudden increase in conflict and arguments become more frequent. For a Sagittarius to ignore their lover's call, takes a much deeper connection with a person on the outside.  

So what do you think? Have you been cheating on? Do you suspect your lover is cheating on you? Do you think a certain sign cheats more than others? Do you believe Taurus should be at the top of that list? Or should it be another sign? Share your story with us in the comments below.