Monday, June 30, 2014


For the fans...

Have you played the Final Fantasy XIII series? If not, don't worry there are no spoilers here. Not only is Final Fantasy XIII one of the most hated among the franchise, it's also one of the most loved. Our guess is the people who hated it never really gave it a chance? Who knows. To be honest, we initially hated Final Fantasy XII for it's "Gambit" system but after we really gave it a chance, it became one of our favorites right up there with XIII. 

There's a reason why there are 3 parts to Final Fantasy XIII, it's a great game! Sure the story is a bit out there, but what video game isn't? There's a reason it's called Final Fantasy. We decided to take part in something special for the fans and create 10 Final Fantasy quotes for you. Feel free to grab them below! In total we've made 10 for each game, so this is a three part series! Check back later for XIII-2 and Lightning Returns quotes!

So what's your favorite quote from Final Fantasy XIII?

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