Thursday, June 19, 2014


Even if you've thought it out, is a tattoo something you may regret later on? 

So many people feel so strongly about this topic - On one side we have people who identify tattoos with art, individuality, symbolism, a definition of identity and a much deeper meaning than what just meets the eye. On the opposite end we have a group of people who associate tattoos with criminals, irrational thinking, impulsive behavior, and a disrespect for the human body. 

Both sides have great points and it's very easy to understand the perspectives on the matter from the outside looking in. A quick way to know which side you lean towards is take a look at those Hot Topic t-shirts of Marilyn Monroe all tatted up. Does it offend you? Do you think it looks cool? Do you think it looks trashy?

Do you feel the same way? 

Imagine for a second that something like The Simpsons was thrown into a similar situation. If Homer and Marge had tattoos all over them, would you think different of them? Would they seem more shady to you? More ghetto? Trashy? Would you be under the assumption they had a wild past? Or would you think nothing of it at all? 

 Aside from the perception of outsiders, there's an inner conflict as well from some people who have tattoos. Some slowly regret or get over a certain tattoo they had done as the years go by. This is a strong point made by people against tattoos, but it's not always the case. Some people are very comfortable with their decision and no matter what they stick with it. Tattoo removal isn't an option for some, but the tattoo removal business isn't going out of business anytime soon. So what does that tell us? 

Some would compare getting a tattoo to wearing the same shirt, or same watch, or same necklace for the rest of your life. When looking at things from that angle, why would you limit yourself? No matter what the situation or who you are, we all go through phases in our lives. Was there something you used to be into but now that you look back you just don't feel the same way anymore? 

Better yet, is there really only one symbol or image that can define you? Are you that simple? Or are you so complex that there's not enough skin to afford what your imagination could buy? Some who don't have tattoos would go along with that. 


How many times have you had a crush? Loved a certain type of car or brand? Maybe a song that you really love? Now count how many times your feelings changed as the years went by. 

Regardless of what side you're on, keep in mind that your opinions or thoughts shared will never change a greater outside influence on another individual. It's their body, let them do what they want. Don't be so judgmental and be more open minded to the fact that other people have their own independent thoughts and feelings too.

So how do you really feel about tattoos? Do you have a great point you'd like to make? Maybe a story you'd like to share about your own experience? Be heard in the comment section below.