Thursday, June 19, 2014


Yeah, not what we expected. 

When seeing the images of Cloud tear through enemies on his bike from the E3 reveal, we thought this was finally it - the Final Fantasy VII remake we've all been waiting for. Fans of the classic Playstation video game shared a collective "Awwwahhh" as they realized this wasn't what they were expecting. 

G-Bike is somewhat of an add on to the series. Although the storyline isn't clear (if there is one), we actually kind of like the way it looks. What Square should have did was kept this and stretched it over a FF7 remake as a G-Bike sidequest. That would have not only been interesting, but it would have brought a remake that much closer to our consoles. 

Without a doubt, with this reveal, it's obvious a remake is being toyed with and kicked around at the Square Enix headquarters. The reason why it's taken so long is because it has to be a full blown remake, unlike the recent HD conversion of FFX

With that said, we're more than likely going to see a remaster of FFIX or FFXII before a remake of the grand daddy of them all. Hey, we'll take that too! No complaints here! So what do you think of the new G-Bike reveal? Do you think it looks great? Or does it look lazy and uninspired to you? Share your feelings with us!

Final Fantasy VII: G-Bike is now in development for mobile.