Monday, July 7, 2014


Make it stop, MAKE IT STOP!!!

No more reviews! At least for a while. There's just so much wrong with things that are coming out lately. Movies and video games feel rushed and very sloppy lately. When one of the most beloved and trusted video game sites (IGN) gave Drakengard 3 one of it's lowest ratings, we were in complete shock. 

Nothing is worse than having high expectations only to be disappointed beyond defending it against people who are bashing it. After exploring the game in it's entirety, it is time for us to join our enemies and give this one a couple kicks. 

No we don't hate Drakengard 3, we actually have very mixed feelings about the game. This is just a quick 15 things we hated about the game, expect a love list in the near future. Well, maybe not so near. 

15. Load Times

There is no excuse for a PS3 game that looks like a PS2 game having horrible load times. 

14. They Gave Us Mikhail Instead Of Michael

That voice...that...nails on the chalkboard...voice...

13. Boss Battles Aren't The Bosses

Seriously, they can't even fight the battles themselves? You actually do get to fight them eventually, on your 5th play-through.

12. Forced Fighting

No evasion, instead a long loading red symbol constantly blocks your path until you defeat all enemies in each area. We've had the game glitch and freeze where we had to reset the entire system. Nothing like watching an enemy disappear into a wall and he's the last one to kill before the door opens. Frustrating? Uh yeah...

11. Glitchy, Buggy, Freezing Gameplay

For the amount we paid for a brand new PS3 game, this is unacceptable. We did notice when a mid action conversation would happen between our party these hiccups would occur. For shame Square. 

10. Blood, Vulgarity and Sexism

The game seems to focus more on these things more than the actual story-line. Some of the dialogue was seriously overboard. Men are made out to be little cry babies and the women are lust filled, violent, ruthless, powerhouses. We found it was just way too saturated with these things. 

09. Disciples = Conversation, Not Combat

Yep, we found these guys running in corners all glitched out rather than fighting along with us. Also when they do fight, they do little to no damage at all! 

08. The Game Was Over-hyped

People were doing cosplay's, recreating weapons, drawings, all before the game even came out. Try telling those people the game was horrible. We even included this on our list of Must Have Games for 2014. Sorry! Guess we can share a little blame?

07. Being forced to collect and buy all weapons.

Before proceeding to the final ending, you are told collecting all weapons is a requirement. No matter how many times you've went through the other pieces of the game, you are FORCED to go back to collect money and chest. This does not add to replay value at all. In fact, when you do go through all endings, you probably will trade this game in or destroy it in frustration. 

06. Voices Out Of Sync

When a game is really good like Final Fantasy X, and it's 10+ years old, we can give it a pass. With Drakengard 3, the game is a 2014 release for crying out loud. Well, 2013 for Japan, but still - The localization was executed very poorly. Just smile and keep playing. Don't look at the price tag. Just keep playing. It's not as bad as you think. Just keep playing. Keep smiling. NO!

05. Beautiful Graphics + Horrible Graphics

We know this is one of the most controversial topics when discussing this game, but some of the scenes look like they're ripped from the PS2 or even the PSP in some cases. Faces and hair are pixelated in some scenes? Not the full render CGI of course, but the actual interaction cutscenes. This may not be a big issue for some, but it left us wanting to throw a sword into the heard of the Drakengard 3 case. 

04. The Fact We Paid Full Price

If we found this in the used section, it would have been such a better experience, but since we were shamefully caught up in the hype, we were left with a horrible feeling in our gut 20 minutes into gameplay. 

03. The Story-Line

This reviewer hit the nail on the head - Most people will stop at the first play-through and judge the game off that experience. So with that said, the main story-line is horrible. The alternatives are so much more creative and piece together the missing bits for you. 

02. The Main Ending

The main ending is so bad, they had to give us alternatives. We know it has to chain with the Drakengard series, but it's really a bad ending. Cross-dressers anyone? 

01. The Final Boss in Branch D

Mixed feelings on this one, but overall nothing ended up making us more frustrated. By the looks of it, we're not the only ones who feel this way. Being blindfolded and playing a strategy game by ear really sucks, especially since the game is a hack and slash button masher. The entire sequence is actually creative and neat to watch, but to be the one playing it really sucks. Especially after you die a million times before you realize you're just not going to do it. 

So how did you feel about Drakengard 3? Did you like it? Did you hate it? Did you love and hate it like us? Leave your comment below and let us know.