Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Don't believe the hype?

All this Drake vs Jay-Z talk has been circling the internet for years now, but it seems like more and more tracks from the two rappers have been identified as disses toward one another. The question is, are these articles around the net identifying the target of the lyrics properly? Or are they sharing their own misunderstandings with the world?

On the latest from Jay-Z - Young Jeezy's "Seen it all" track has been identified as a Drake jab, but is it really? The lyrics in question were - "I was in the S-class you was just in class.", but is that really aimed at Drizzy? Why does it have to be Drake? What Jay-Z is saying in his raps is no different from any other I'm better than you (Speaking in general) rap line. 

To us it doesn't seem like it was aimed at Drake. Now as far as Drake's 0 to 100 / The Catch Up  track, that sounds like it was aimed more at Jay-Z. The two have recently exchanged some harsh words via interviews and guest appearances on songs, but is it really genuine? 

The two have done more than a handful of songs together, and they even share the same connections in the industry. So could this all be for attention? Is the Drake vs Jay-Z beef fake? Or is it genuine in nature and the two rappers have lost respect for each other? 

Who can really say for sure if the feud is real or not? But the two Hip Hop stars are known to be very clever and witty. So how can the idea of them putting their heads together, and staging a little rift to boost sales be out of the question? 

Everyone was questioning the Nas / Jay-Z beef legitimacy when all the dust settled. To this day people still have a hard time separating friendly competition, genuine disrespect and all out publicly stunts in Hip Hop. 


What does that say about these rappers as individuals though? Does the general audience find it hard to trust them? Can you trust them? Do you trust what a rapper says to be true? If so, why? How do you know for sure? After all, they are in the entertainment business. 

Hip Hop has really became the WWE of the music industry, and things have changed as far as what makes you tough or not. Actually, being tough makes you look stupid. So it DOES make sense how someone like Drake can go head to head with someone like Jay-Z in this day and age. 

So what do you think about the two artist throwing jabs at each other? Do you think it's real or do you think it's fake? Is it all for attention? Are they trying to boost sales? Or is it something deeper? 

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Feel free to explain why you feel one way or the other and give us some examples of why you feel that way. 

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