Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Get ready for the ugly truth. 

You've seen some pretty ugly animals in your lifetime, right? There are so many pictures floating around online of some odd looking creatures, but nothing compares to what you're about to see. Peanut is the worlds ugliest dog, officially. The 2 year old mutt was crowned the 2014 worlds ugliest dog in Petaluma, California this past week.

The event made headlines, as people were taken back by peanuts disgusting face. The back-story is Peanut was rescued from an animal shelter by his owner Holly Chandler after suffering from abuse from his previous owners. How sad! 

Peanut beat out his competition which consisted of dogs without noses, dogs covered in warts, dogs that were hairless and many other disfigured canines who shared the same sad story of abuse. 

After claiming the sweet prize of $1,500, Peanut really went Hollywood as he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel live, not to talk about his success, but to get a full blown makeover. So how do you think it turned out? 

Fabulous! Who knew he was hiding such a beautiful face! So what's next for Peanut? A movie? A television series? Reality television? Or maybe a simple YouTube channel, Instagram or Twitter? We can only hope to see more of this ugly little thing. 

Do you have an ugly dog? Uglier than Peanut? Share your story in the comment section below. 

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