Monday, July 14, 2014


They're creepy and they're kooky...

Hungry? Why wait! - We've all seen strange food in strange places, but what about desserts to die for? Conjurer's Kitchen is more than edible art, it's a source of inspiration to those with a creepy imagination.  

Annabel de Vetten has been disturbing the world wide web with her desserts for quite some time now.  For example: just check out the Dexter cake below. Creepy? Delicious? What do you think? 

Look familiar? The cake was featured on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel live and shown to Michael C. Hall himself.

Annabel de Vetten is a rising name in the cake world. Known for her creepy creations, According to the Conjurer's Kitchen website - "When around one of Annabel's creations it's common to hear, 'That's EDIBLE?!' and you hear it alot. But eat it they do - to the last bite."

Disturbing? What's more disturbing is buying a cake that doesn't taste good. From what we can see from Annabel's popularity, this obviously isn't the case. 

So would you try one of these devilish desserts? Or are they too disturbing to even consider appetizing? Regardless of how you feel, the detail in these desserts is enough to catch anyone's eye. 

What's even more disturbing are some of the creations we chose not to show on JiPoshy. Head on over to Conjurer's Kitchen to see what we're talking about.