Thursday, September 4, 2014


Left exposed like a bad rash.

Deodorants have evolved over the years into a long variety of stronger scents with cornier names. Remember when AXE deodorant exploded on the scene? Now it's almost embarrassing to associate yourself with the men in the commercials desperately looking for attention from their female counterparts. Old Spice has held it's place in the deodorant space for quite some time now, but over the past couple years things have changed. 

Reports have been flooding the internet of a "Chemical burn" effect under the arms of people who have used the deodorant. To be more specific, the "High Endurance" series has really been blamed for the rashes. Even so, the "Fresh Collection" has also received some complaints of rashes.

Does Old Spice use harsh chemicals in their deodorants?

In some cases the burns were so bad they took chunks of skin off and had to seek medical attention. Imagine trying to wipe deodorant off of open wounds? We shouldn't have to burn and bleed just to smell good. 

People who have had this experience will surely not purchase any more of Old Spice's deodorant lines, so why doesn't Old Spice do anything about it?


But wait there's more - Men are not the only one's who've felt the burn, it seems women have also come forward with stories and photos.

 With 49 very detailed reports from consumers via , why hasn't Old Spice taken any action? Why haven't they recalled this line of harmful products? They should be taken off the shelves until the problem is identified, corrected and then be reintroduced. 

So does this mean Old Spice's products are bad? Not at all, they currently hold one of the strongest shelves in the body wash industry. Still, they should be putting money into finding out what's causing these allergic reactions rather than the ridiculous commercials they're known for.

So what do you think? Do you have a story to share about Old Spice deodorants? Have you had an allergic reaction? Have you been burned? Are you burning right now while reading this? Sound off in the comments below.