Friday, March 11, 2016


Fans disappointed, Fans excited - Which are you?
Finally the Street Fighter V update we've all been waiting was revealed in detail, but still release date for fans. The first DLC character, Alex was displayed in screen shots on the Capcom Unity blog late yesterday. His design confirmed speculation that he was indeed a stage asset since launch of the early betas. Alex appears to be much bigger in comparison to the other characters much like his Street Fighter: 3rd Strike appearance. 

The update will also include challenge mode, trials, shop, battle lounge improvements and a few bug fixes. With Street Fighter V's sales being very low, many are worried for the future of the game's development. Will there be a DLC pack after these first set of characters? Or will it stop with Urien?

Alex's reveal has disappointing some fans causing a little bit of an uproar. Some are saying his design is very uninspired, but the main issue seems to be his hair and bandana. Those on the opposing side of the argument bring up the fact that SFV takes place before 3rd Strike and thus the different design. Fans have even posted their own Photoshop edits displaying what their idea of what the upcoming DLC character should look like.

Capcom Unity Member Zebes

Is this update enough to get sales going in the right direction? There is no doubt Street Fighter V is one of the best fighting games ever, but this early in it's development are fan's seeing too much bone? What's your thoughts on Alex's design? Is the update what you're looking for? Or are you one of the many still holding out for that Arcade Mode?