Monday, February 27, 2017


The puzzle known as Gemini...

Have you ever been out on a windy day walking around? Your entire body being pushed and pulled, hair gets violated, eyes and mouth filled with dirt? The wind can pretty much stop you in your tracks just to say hello and end up leaving you a confused complete mess. Say hello to the Gemini, a sign that comes and goes like the wind. This air sign is not in the mood to sit around and do nothing, they have things to do.  

Most people who know a Gemini in any setting will more than likely agree they are known to pull an occasional disappearing act. This simple habit of this zodiac sign can frustrate and confuse just about anyone. We're talking one minute they're in your life, the next they are completely out of it. When they return, they will continue where they left off without explanation. The problem is most people will want one.

Let's start with the most frustrating of examples, dating a Gemini. You want to make plans? Good luck! Gemini love's change, and that means change in plans my dear! There is no schedule to a Gemini. In fact, you should expect to get stood up at least a handful of times by one. 

But don't get mad. Gemini will have their bag of excuses why they suddenly disappeared in the first place. Of course, all of this will be revealed in time. PLENTY OF TIME! All of this can be seen as a mind game, and it absolutely is! However, there is a method to all the madness.

Gemini's are naturally curious, easily distracted but quit-witted creatures. If there's one thing that will cause conflict with a Gemini is you trying to take away some aspect of their freedom. Think about this for a second, people have died in wars so countries could be free. There are other signs in the zodiac that may give up some freedom for compromise, but Gemini will go to war with you to maintain it. 

Another reason Gemini plays "now you see me..." is their lack of decision making. This is a huge weak point for this air sign and sometimes if they can't come up with a decision they will go into retreat. When in the wrong, Gemini's can be very manipulative when climbing back into someones good graces. They can easily flip the table, turn the table or make you question if there was one in the first place. (Gaslighting anyone?)

Being the master of excuses, Gemini rarely needs to apologize. They can be hovered over a bloody corpse with a knife in their hand and by the time their done explaining the situation you will be helping them clean up. Speaking of bodies, this sign can be a vicious enemy as well so tread carefully. Remember the wind? The last thing you want is this kind of turbulence.

Do you know a Gemini? Do you believe these mind games could be intentional? They could be. That all depends on what side of the Gemini is pulling the strings.